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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Covering Up Cosmo

So this blog is a little different from the usual. I recently came upon THIS SITE and had to share. Nicole Weider, has decided to "take on" Cosmo maGAGzine and I like it! She has set up a website with a petition to have the publication placed in non-transparent wrapping and sold only to those 18 or older. I 100% COMPLETELY agree with this idea.

In my early twenties, I was a reader of Cosmo. I thought it was great. I loved the fashion, the gossip, the tips and I also thought that was how every woman over 16 acted. I can specifically remember reading articles about how to act around guys or what would make a man "fall" for you and actually thinking that there must be truth to it if it was in a well circulated magazine that had been around for decades. As I matured and as my relationship with Christ did as well, I became accutely aware of the smut that was actually being aimed towards teenage girls. Now when I see the covers, I cringe (I can't fathom what mother's with small children must feel). We wonder why we live in a society of STDs, one-night stands, un-wed mothers, adultery and divorce. Open your eyes and look at what you're reading! Women lament that they can't find a decent man as they're driving home from their latest hook-up with a "friend with benefits". Seriously? Cosmo will give you every "trick" in the book except how to respect yourself and your body. If you agree with me, please visit Nicole's link and sign the petition.


Mrs. B

"Nicole Weider, founder of Project Inspired, started the Anti-Cosmo Mission after seeing the damage that Cosmo causes to young girls. Her mission to get Cosmo bagged in a nontransparent wrapper and sold to adults only has made headlines on national television and the Washington Post!"

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