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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ridiculously Easy "Cheesecake"

When Mr. B casually asked me the other night, "Are you still blogging?", I felt a twinge of guilt as I realized I've pretty much stopped. Life gets crazy when you have a toddler and a new home and a baby on the way but I'm no different than the gazillion other women out there keeping up on their blogs and besides, it's is a great outlet and something I want to do. So, this morning, I decided to stop stalling and blog, even if it's just a quick recipe.

I know, the chocolate chips have "bloomed" and would look so much prettier if they were out of a fresh bag but I was working with what I already had in my pantry and what I already had happens to be a giant Costco sized bag of chips that will probably take me a year to use up!
Last night, while Mr. B was putting baby girl to bed, I got hit with a serious sweet tooth! Normally, I would just have some Oreos or a bowl of ice cream and call it good but I was feeling creative. I ended up making one of the easiest and tastiest desserts I've had in awhile and it was all from things I found in my pantry! Added bonus, I was finished making it by the time he came back downstairs.

 So, if you want to whip up something yummy and rich and be eating it in no time, try this out!