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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Card Wreath

Here's a fun way to display your Christmas cards without taking up your entire mantle or all the shelf space in the house! Use a wreath form, clothespins, and ribbon to make a festive and functional display piece for your holiday cheer. It's so easy and you can really get creative with the colors and size of your wreath.

I started by ordering 100 pack of plain clothespins and a medium size wooden wreath form from amazon. I also picked up some grosgrain ribbon and a 3M hook to hang it on the wall without making a hole. 

Next, I spray painted the form and the pins in a metallic gold. 

After the paint dried, I busted out my trusty glue gun and got busy placing the pins around the form. I left an open space large enough for the ribbon and started gluing the clothespins on either side of that. The great part about using the wood form and the wood pins is that when I messed up, I could simply pull the pins up, peel off the dried glue and re-arrange them. This is important because as you go around the wreath, you'll discover that you aren't as meticulous as you think you are and somehow the pins are getting all "caddywhompus". 

After getting the clothespins in an even circle around the form, I attached the ribbon by wrapping and gluing a piece around the empty space. Then I took a longer piece and tied it around the already covered area, then tied it again at the top in order to hang it. 

I used the metal 3M hook to place it on the wall leading into the living room so when Christmas is over we won't have a hole to patch.

Hope you try this out, it's a great way to turn your holiday cards into art!


Mrs. B

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