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Friday, June 14, 2013

Dressing Up a Dresser

Hey there, Blog Land! How ya been? That's great! Me? Well, I've been good and GROWING! 32 weeks on Sunday, whoop, whoop! Thanks for asking ;)

I can't believe that BB is going to be here in 8 weeks! Time is flying by. Thankfully, Mr. B and I were able to take advantage of a couple trips before my belly things got too out of control. We took a babymoon to Cozumel in May...
7 Month baby bump!
Babymoon Dinner on the beach

and then a long weekend in Maine with some good friends...

Picture perfect, no?

But now I've settled in for the duration. Honestly, the thought of sitting on a plane going anywhere at this point sounds like an unusually cruel form of torture.  Baby girl is getting cramped and likes to let me know about it. My belly is contorting into shapes I was unaware it could make and I'm fairly certain she's using my ribs as a starting block to get traction. NOT that I mind any of it one little bit! I looove feeling her, it's the most amazing and slightly uncomfortable feeling, ever!

Ok, down to business. I took my "single girl" dresser and nightstand and re-vamped them for BB's room. The bottom drawer of the dresser was broken, so Mr. B got handy and made a space where I could store baskets. Then, I sanded it all down and painted it pink.

No, I didn't take a "before" picture but you get the idea!

Once everything was painted, I measured and cut out the material I had picked for the drawer fronts. Here's a helpful hint, if you order fabric from Etsy, note where it's shipping from. It took almost a MONTH to get a yard of fabric because it came from Shanghai!!!

To finish the edges, I folded over a quarter of an inch and Mod Podged it. I then brushed the MP over the drawer and fabric and smoothed it into place. Once it was dry, I cut out the hole for the drawer pulls.

After everything dried, my dad and Mr. B had some quality bonding time varnishing everything to seal it.

My dad is clearly enjoying himself, he's probably being ornery! Notice the floating solo cup? That would be Mr. B's awesome pulley system that tells him how far to pull the Jeep into the garage. When the garage door is closed, the cup rises to the ceiling. LOL
Then I added the fun drawer pulls that my mom scored for me!

Now baby girl has a one of a kind dresser and nightstand that look "oh, so precious" in her room and will be a functional way to store all those uber cute outfits she'll get!


Mrs. B

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