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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Hey, hey, hey! Thought I'd take a break from diapers and my full-time gig as a 24-hour, all you can eat milk buffet to give a quick and easy way to use up all those tomatoes that are in risk of rotting on the vine!

Since I've been recouping from my c-section the last few weeks, I haven't been cooking very much. This makes me sad, but healing and a newborn are a sure way to keep a girl out of the kitchen!  It took about two weeks for me to make my way to the garden to check things out and WHOA, I had a ton of tomatoes that were begging to be picked! After trying to add fresh tomatoes into just about everything but my cereal, I decided it was time to try a different approach to use them up.

Mr. B mentioned he would enjoy sun-dried tomatoes but since I'm a little wary of leaving food outside to dry, I fired up the oven!

Oven drying tomatoes is super easy and only takes a couple hours. First off, heat your oven to 250. Place a cooling rack over a roasting pan and spray with oil. Thinly slice your tomatoes. Try your best to keep them the same thickness so they roast evenly. 

Drizzle the tomatoes with oil. Sprinkle with sugar, salt and pepper. I added fresh minced rosemary but you could use any herbs you want. Basil or thyme would be good too!

Once you season your tomatoes to your liking, pop them in the oven and let them roast for 1-2 hours. Keep an eye on them so you don't end up with "crisps"!

The tomatoes will be sweet, tangy and totally YUMMY! Keep them refrigerated in a baggie and add them to sandwiches, omelettes, pasta, etc. They should keep for at least a week or two ... I wouldn't know, mine were gone in three days!

I topped my omelette with the tomatoes and fresh basil. So, so good!
I hope you try this out, they really are so good. And hey, if I can make them with a three week old vying for my attention, you KNOW they're easy!


Mrs. B

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