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Monday, October 1, 2012

House Stuff

I've been slowly but surely adding my touches to the house since the wedding (next week is ONE YEAR!) and thought I'd do a quick blog on some of my decor updates. 

Our kitchen has some great features, one of those being a wall of windows with a sliding door to the balcony. Problem is that it gets REALLY warm in the kitchen in the afternoons and we also overlook a busy road and could use some extra privacy. I've been wanting to add some curtains for a while now but wasn't sure exactly how to proceed. Last weekend I made a trip to Home Goods and just decided to go for it. I found a nice rod and some really chic curtains/sheers for a heck of a deal!

Mr. B securing the curtain rod for the "Oh so boring" wall o' windows
Pretty and functional... AND pocket friendly!
We also have a humongous wall in the kitchen/dining room that I haven't been able to adorn yet. I feel like it needs a massive statement piece and that means either a lot of $$ or some serious thrifting but during my outing to Home Goods, I found this awesome painting that just happened to have every color in my rug and was modern for Mr. B's taste! It's not as large as I would like but at least something is on the wall! On a side note, the buffet and hutch are going to get a makeover, stay tuned!
Not too shabby, eh?

And a few other updates around Casa de B! 
New fall pillows!
Re-working the wedding decor... still love peacocks :)

Gourds and mini punkins!

New Bath and Body Works Wallflower, love the design and the delish fall scents!

Framed up the ol' vows and some wedding pictures.

Obsessed with this cream and sugar set that my amazing Mom gave me when we went to visit over the 4th of July. 

I found this rad, antique food grinder at a yard sale this summer. I want to refurbish it but we shall see. 
Now that it's officially October, I'll be playing around with some fun decorating ideas and some yummy new recipes. Hope to have more blogs up this month! Ciao, Bella!!! XOXO

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  1. Love the curtains!! Finding a nice picture that is easy on the pocket is rough, but they are out there! Can't wait to see more updates on your decorating frenzy!