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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Halfway There

So, here we are in April and that means that I am halfway done with cooking this lil BB! It's been a fantastic last few months. Apparently, pregnancy and Mrs. B go together like bacon and... well, everything. I feel so good. I keep reading about all these symptoms that I should be having by now and so far, nada. If it weren't for my growing belly, I'd hardly know I was pregnant! I know that there are women out there who truly suffer through there pregnancies and I am SO thankful that is not my case.

At this point, I thought I was already "showing". HA! 
We had a 3D ultrasound done at 16 weeks to find out if BB was a boy or girl. As you already know from my previous post, she's a SHE! It was one of the most amazing experiences to see her kicking, sucking her thumb and yawning all at only 4 months! We got some really cool pictures like the one below.

Beautiful profile!

We also got a couple of pictures that are downright frightening. I mean, I think know she's beautiful but Oh. My. Gosh. What is going on with that face!?!? She looks like a smiling skeleton! LOL hurry up lil B, get some meat on those bones!

Two weeks ago, we started our Bradley Method classes. I'm aiming for an intervention/medicine free delivery so to help me prepare mentally and physically, my midwife suggested Bradley classes. If you're thinking of going au naturale, definitely look into them. It's all about relaxation and having your husband coach you through this amazing experience. Mr. B and I go to weekly classes and I feel like it's helping him become more involved in the pregnancy. We're both learning a lot about what's happening to my body as well as to our baby and bonus, we've already met other expecting couples who live in our neighborhood.

I'm also doing the Hypnobabies home study course. It's self-hypnosis for childbirth. Everyone I've talked to who's done this and all the reviews I've read, say that this is THE way to go. I was just gifted with the kit by a friend of a friend who recently had her third baby and she loved it! I'm going to try out my first class tonight, woo hoo!

It's so weird to look down and not be able to see your toes!

At 19 weeks, we went in for our anatomy scan ultrasound. Since my midwives don't have a sonogram machine in house, we went to a "women's imaging center" to have it done. We found out that we were the FIRST couple to get to use their brand new ultrasound machine and we were beyond thrilled by the images. The difference between the 16 week pics and these were stunning! Her little face and hands were beautifully clear and yes, she's fattened up a little! Miss B passed the scan with flying colors. All her parts are formed perfectly, the biggest issue we had was trying to get her to stay still long enough for the pictures! I am in for it if this is any indication of her energy level!

This picture says "I'm not ready for my close up!" She had her hand over her face almost the whole time... she already sleeps like her daddy!

Look at those little lips and nose! She's SO adorable already. Ahhh, I'm in love!

 Annnd here's the latest belly shot at 21 weeks. I'm up about 12 lbs and DEFINITELY showing now!

Things just don't fit anymore. Easter morning saw a few tears because I didn't plan ahead and wound up trying on six different outfits before one looked good and fit. Luckily, I had this dress tucked away in my "summer" clothes and it worked! Woohooo for empire waists!

Dear God, woman! Get a TAN!!!

Well, that's about it for the update. As for upcoming blogs, the nursery should be good for a few and I'm going to try and make a maxi skirt next week, stay tuned for the results!!!


Mrs. B

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